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Why recording with Electrodata can improve quality and efficiency in call centres:

Have you ever had a customer complain that you or your staff said something that was not strictly accurate? Have you ever wondered what your staff are saying all day to your customers? Have you ever received a hoax or threatening telephone call that cost your company dearly? Have you ever wanted to substantiate or prove what was actually said in a telephone or two-way radio conversation? Do you simply want to improve the efficiency of your telephone staff?

If yes, then an Electrodata call recorder can help you.

Get it right first time

Articulating clearly the features and benefits of your products or services results in sales and minimises returns and credits. Our recorders will allow you to spot possible training requirements in your agents' product knowledge so that corrections can be easily addressed. As a consequence, staff will provide more succinct communication resulting in improved revenues.

Calibrate your Call Centre staff

You have a sea of nodding heads in front of you, but what is really happening? With an Electrodata recording solution you are able to hear what each operator is saying, even in real time, and you can easily assess and quantify their effectiveness without contradiction.

Protect your brand and staff

Hoax callers can threaten your brands or company. Just the presence of an Electrodata recorder can deter an offender and should a prosecution ensue, your verbal records will be acceptable in any Australian court of law.

Is the customer always right?

The old adage of the customer always being right can cost companies millions. Without proof, complainers usually receive the benefit of the doubt. An Electrodata recording solution provides irrefutable evidence of what has been said and this can often avoid a payout.

Maximise Call Centre productivity

In addition to call recording and replay, our suite of productivity tools can be tailored to your operation to maximise staff efficiency and decrease costs.

These are just some of the benefits voice recording can deliver. Call us and allow us to share with you the advantaes to be gained by employing an Electrodata voice recording solution.